Tips on How to Pass an Interview

Do you want to pass your interview with flying colors? Interview is a crucial phase in landing a job. There are companies that will ask you to pass through series of interviews - one-on-one, group or panel interview. In order to ace your series of interview, read and understand the tips below and for sure, you will achieve your goal.

  • 1. Master the English language. If you are not confident to speak fluently, you need to help yourself. Widen your vocabulary through looking up the meanings of the words you encounter that you do not understand. Speak and practice the English language more often. Seek help from someone who is an expert to speak the English language and ask him to evaluate you. Remember, an evaluated practice will help you improve your English language.
  • 2. Be confident. Once you are confident in presenting yourself, you will be able to act and say words without looking or sounding awkward. For instance, it will be natural for you to make firm handshakes with all your interviewers. You will also be able to look straight in the eyes of your interviewer without being shy or intimidated.
  • 3. Dress smart. Your interviewer might not be interested on the brand of your outfit but he or she will definitely look at how you dress. Your clothes are not relevant to your skills, competencies and knowledge but wearing a smart outfit that is perfect for the situation will definitely create a good impression.
  • 4. A company is always looking for the best person to do the job. You have to gauge what the company wants. This will help you focus on the questions related to the position and what kind of personnel the company is looking for.
  • 5. It is a no-no to focus on what you will get from the company and what benefits you will get from the position. The company is interested if they can trust you to do the job that is according to their budget and plans.
  • 6. Do not pretend that you have accomplished a certain project and do not pretend that you know how to do a certain task just to get the job. Remember, your interviewers are skilled. They know what they are doing and probably some of them have interviewed a thousand candidates. They know when someone is telling the truth or not. Admit that you do not have experience or skills on specific aspect of the company's business. Being honest will definitely help you achieve your career goals. The best answer to give is, if you will be given enough time to study the task given, you can do the job. Or if the job really requires it, you are willing to learn and get out of your comfort zone.
  • 7. Answer each question truthfully. As most interviewers say, keep it simple and short. In case you were asked about your opinion or a problem that you need to share your stand, follow this simple procedure: state your position, your reasons, example and state again your position. In short, follow PREP, position, reasons, example and position. Always remember that your interviewer will look at how fast you think on the situation given and how you organize your thoughts in a short span of time.
  • 8. Do not interrupt when your interviewer is speaking. Always remember your manners and let the person complete his or her sentence prior speaking. In case the interviewer tends to say a lot of things that you might forget, take down notes or some key words. Your eagerness to answer immediately might be mistaken for being rude or aggressive.
  • 9. Make sure to balance your conversation with the interviewer. Avoid speaking 90 percent during the interview. Your interviewer might have an impression that you are a poor listener and you talk too much.
  • 10. Prior going to the interview, read about the company. Take note as well current developments about the company. For instance, the new product lines or services being offered. You might be asked about these things or your opinions about it. Do not forget to check also the competitors of the company. You might unconsciously say that you patronize the products and services of their competitors. Remember, interviewers will ask tricky questions.
  • 11. Prepare your own set of questions for the interviewer. List down open questions about the topics you are really adept with that can lead to a very interesting discussion with the interviewer. No one will tell in the interviewer that you are really good on those topics you asked.
  • 12. Include in your set of questions the company's problem. You might be hired because the company is looking for someone who is an expert on the current problem they have. For instance, you are a human resource practitioner for a couple of years already. The company wants to hire a human resource director in order to address their problems with staff organization.
  • 13. Always align your responses to the interviewer's preferences. During the session, you will notice what the interviewer is looking for. Take those opportunities to give excellent responses. Use words that the interviewer would like to hear from you. For instance, you were given a situation on how you can help increase the revenues of the company. You can say that you will help save on the operating costs or you will develop strategies to increase sales that do not require too much costs.
  • 14. Practice in front of the mirror in answering the questions. This will help you to become aware as well of your facial expressions. Take note that your answers must match with your actions, facial expressions or non-verbal cues. It is also advisable that you seek an audience from your friends when practicing. They are the best persons to make you aware of your unconscious actions and responses.
  • 15) In every interview you will sit-in, make sure to be yourself. Never assume a profile that you are not.

Keep in mind the above list of tips on how to pass an interview. This list will surely help you get the job you have been dreaming of.

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